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Thread: Help - Ch. 2 Part 1 of "ANY Wii Guide"

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    Help - Ch. 2 Part 1 of "ANY Wii Guide"

    I have followed the ANY Wii Guide thoroughly up to Wad Installs (Ch. 2, Part 1). I successfully installed the first 28 wads and then the three "SD:\System Menu 4.1u" wads. However, I could not find what was called "ISO-Updates" to install the next 25 wads. I exited BootMii by pressing Home twice (to the Wii System Menu). On my PC, I reconfirmed that all files were copied (and sums of md5's verified). Upon going to BootMii through the HBC, my screen turned black. I hard reset my Wii, which still turns on. Can anyone help me to get back on track with the guide?

    Currently, my Wii is off and my SD card contains all extracted files (spoiler tag).


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    you have posted this in the any wii guide, there was no need to make a new thread

    thread closed
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