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Thread: thinking about downgrading, have a few questions

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    thinking about downgrading, have a few questions

    Currently i have a softmodded (via letterbomb) new model wii on 4.3u...following the guides on here and have everything working fine except for some custom channels. on 4.2 modded i was able to use programs like customizemii and wadder to make my own channels, now using those programs i can not get the channels to work on 4.3, so i was thinking about downgrading to 4.2..

    1st if anyone knows of a program where i can create my own channels on 4.3 that would be appreciated greatly

    otherwise if i where to downgrade to 4.2 what are the Pros/cons of that?

    will i LOSE any functionality of:

    Emulators run of USB only (VBAgx, genplus,wii64(2.0 mod), wiisx(2.0 mod), wiimame, Snes9xGx) (all run of USB)

    USB Loader GX (loading games from USB)
    "will running newer games prompt me for an update? will i be able to play certain games on 4.3 that i cant if i downgrade?"

    I try to run everything of USB simply because storing roms and especially ps1 games on SD card doesnt leave me much space...

    Thanks in advanced...and im new to site so if you need any other info to help me just let me know and i'll find it...
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    Downgrading to 4.2 will get you nowhere. Following the Softmod ANY Wii guide (link in my sig) will put you on 4.1, which is the recommended SM version. Since you start on 4.3 you will be able to play all new games even if you downgrade.. The guide will also tell you how to block online/disc updates, so no worries there. All your apps (emulators, USB loaders, etc) will work just fine.
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    I'm sure there is an option to install v4.1 as this is a stable version in the mod any wii guide subsequent versions 4.2 4.3 were N's attempt at blocking modders. v4.1 with fully modded ios Cios will play most games, Sorry never tried making my own channels I run everything I need from USB Fat32 HDD,

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    thanks for the answers... i will look into downgrading to 4.1

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