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Thread: (suprise) wiiflow problems :( How to make it read fat32 wbfs backups file

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    (suprise) wiiflow problems :( How to make it read fat32 wbfs backups file

    ok i have been trying and trying to get this darn thing to work and im having no such luck. i have been using usb loader gx and im really sick of the freezing and playing the guessing games as to which ios loads the backups correctly without freezing.(i have lived at this post thanks for the great write up) so i wanted to try something new with a cool gui to boot. I finally got wiiflow to boot up last night after hours of reading post and how to's because they sure dont make it a easy read. but now it won't see my fat32 partition with .wbfs backups, it never did! i get to the main screen that pops up says cant find games message at the top of screen and gives me option with two big bubble one says choose partition or load game or something like that so i choose partition and it only gives me fat1 and ntfs....well buddy i dont have any games on my ntfs, and fat1? WTH is that? :P i thought maybe i should change the config file to make it see fat32 but nope that did'nt work neither. i saw on many postings which were kind of dated i might add that i should format and make a wbfs partition but why do i need to do that when Wiiflow supports fat32? or am i wrong? im just lost and im kind of mad that my first posting is crying and asking for help. I just want a nice looking loader that just works without having to sing and dance for it.

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    Have a look at my Wiiflow guide

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    ok thanks ill try that.

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    Did you create a folder on the root of your hard drive called WBFS?


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