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Thread: Question about WiiKey & updating?

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    Question about WiiKey & updating?

    Hi Guys

    Please forgive my ignorance and noobishness but I have fallen slightly out of touch with all things Wii and am in desperate need of your sagacious help/advice!

    My story is as follows.....I sent my Wii off to Ghost2Fitter sometime in March/April 2008 and had a Wiikey fitted that works like a charm, however due to myriad reasons the Wii started to gather dust and became slightly less used than my George Foreman grill, occasionally I would fire it up if I was in the mood to shoot tortoise shells at a fat Italian plumber or suture some poor souls tumor ravaged body but essentially it has slowly rendered itself anachronistic and sorely out of date at best.

    Being the #1 boyfriend I am for Christmas I bought my girlfriend EA Sports Active 2, with absolutely no irony whatsoever, however upon inserting the disc it asks for permission to perform a system update (I am currently on 3.2e) as far as I know I donít think I ever updated the Wiikeys software either and so after much rambling my questions are, will performing this update brick my wii? Or will updating allow her to play(if thatís what it can be called) her game but then render my mod obsolete and prevent my backups from being played?

    Any help or advice you can I offer I would be most grateful or if Iím rehashing a problem that has been discussed many times before please feel free to curse me and if its ok point me in the right direction!

    Many thanks and I await your replies!!!!

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    I'd suggest downloading the latest Wiikey / Wiikey 2 update and applying it to your machine first, this will ensure that your modchip is bang up-to-date. Once this is done, and assuming you don't use homebrew stuff then yes, go ahead with the game update (as long as the game's definitely from the same region). If in doubt just connect the Wii online and let it download its own update (although it's a much slower process than updating from disc).

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    Updating wouldn't brick your wii, but it would remove region free from your modchip.
    Updating some IOS will probably solve your problem. Look HERE.
    Or you could softmod using the softmod any wii guide HERE.


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