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Thread: CODMW3 wants to update to play online

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    CODMW3 wants to update to play online

    Someone PURCHASED CODMW3 for me so I could play live online. When I attempt to do so, it says it needs to be updated.

    I just updated my hack today using the modmii tutorial, and enabled the Priloader options as indicated (block updates, etc). So I am stumped as to why it wants to update and how I can get around this to play online.

    I did have problems with the USB loader provided as part of the install (wouldn't see / work with my WBFS formatted HD) so I had to revert ro the "Configurable USB Loader" I had been using - the newest version.

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    LOL made me laugh....thx

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    Um, I read the guide a couple of days ago before I did the Mod upgrade last night and I didn't remember it saying it was ok to upgrade. I also have to say, last night when I was searching, the "guide" did not come up in the searches and I couldn't go back to my history because I cleared it. Last night after I posted; however, I did find it again by going through the individual forums and finding the "problematic games" listing. I didn't get a chance to modify my post because I got distracted by another issue.

    Thank you for being so understanding.

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    Do the online update on mw3 it will let you play on line its what i did

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    Keep all talk of MW3 in the guide please. Thread closed.


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