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Thread: Wrong files in MMM Wad-manager

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    Wrong files in MMM Wad-manager

    I do not know if this post belongs here, but here goes.

    I have a new Wii 4.3E.

    I'm using Modmii and have arrived at the stage in the manual where I am to install WAD-files. I find that filenames are wrong (but just slighty). F ex all names ending in VP]).wad ends in VP-DIP]).wad instead. Also the files




    The other files seem to be the correct ones.

    The first files seem only to be a typo, but the IOS50 and IOS52 I have no idea what to think. My first incling is to think the files in the wad-manager is the correct ones and the manual's files are due to human error, then again why do stupid things?

    Does anyone have an idea what o do? Shall I install and go ahead or no?

    Best Regards

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    Thank you, it worked like a charm!


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