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Thread: about to Purchase a 4.1U White Wii ( SHould i update to 4.3 ? )

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    about to Purchase a 4.1U White Wii ( SHould i update to 4.3 ? )

    Hi all - as the title says im about to purchase a wii running 4.1U. I wanted to now ---> should i update to 4.3U officaly thru Nintendo before i apply my softmod? I have heard you need to b on system menu 4.3U to play games like Call of Duty MW3 Online???

    Would this be a bad idea to offically update my White wii to 4.3U so i can play MW3 online? do i lose anything if i update to 4.3U and then softmod? or should i just stay on 4.1U ??

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    games do not depend on sytem menu they depend on cios ios so no dont update you can play it on 4.1 when successfully softmoded with the softmod anywiiguide
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