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Thread: Transfer DSIware to 3DS

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    Transfer DSIware to 3DS

    Things you will need...

    1. Internet Access
    2. Nintendo 3DS
    3. Nintendo DSi with the latest firmware to access the shopping channel
    4. Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool (free download from nintendo dsi shop)
    5. IMPORTANT A full battery or charger plugged in BOTH DSi and 3DS

    How to transfer DSiware to 3DS

    First switch on your DSi, go to the shopping channel and download the Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool it is free...
    Return back to the DSi Menu and select the Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool
    Select transfer to nintendo 3DS
    IMPORTANT Read the information before continuing then click next
    Select send from this system Now its searching for a 3DS
    Turn your 3DS on and select settings and then other settings
    Scroll across untill you see SYSTEM TRANSFER and select it
    Then select transfer from a nintendo DSi system
    IMPORTANT read the information before continuing then click next
    Select receive from a Nintendo DSi system
    Go to your DSi and select the name of your system
    Go to your 3ds and you will see transfer data from (name) nintendo dsi system select yes
    Go to your DSi system and you have 2 options Full transfer or Custom transfer
    Select Custom transfer if you just want to select what you want to transfer over to your 3DS you will see 3 options, nintendo WFC configuration photos and recordings, nintendo DSiware
    Select nintendo DSiware and you will get a list of DSiware that is on the system select what DSIware you want to transfer over
    If you see any with this logo then it means it cannot be transfered over
    Select full transfer if you just want to transfer everything over to your 3DS


    DSiware cannot be transfered back over from your 3DS to your DSi
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