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Thread: Cannot install WAD

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    Cannot install WAD

    I'm really stuck with this problem, which I would be really grateful if someone could help me out with.

    I susccessfully installed Homebrew Channel (using the PAL version of Smash Stack) and have used a few different apps. I've tried using WAD installer to install some commonly used WADs that have been confirmed to be working. The installation fails giving error (ret = -2011).
    I've also tried using WAD Manager 1.7 which just seems to crash.

    Searching around for this bug, I've found 2 posts with possible solutions.

    1: One directed me to this tutorial: Removed because link was to a guide that closed and warned not to use it!
    Going through the " Wii Fix Guide" doesn't seem to help. It tells me to install "IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad" using WAD Manager. which doesn't work. I've also tried to install it with WAD Installer, which again doesn't work.

    2: The other solution I found was this forum post:
    This tells me to downgrade to firmware 3.2. This doesn't seem like the right solution but I've tried it anyway. Using DOP-Mii I installed system menu 3.2. After doing this, WAD Installer still doesn't work and gives the same error message.

    Is anyone able to help me out with this one?
    Much obliged!
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    When in Wad manager, use IOS 36, or 236, 249, 250, to install the wads.

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    When I use WAD Manager and select IOS249, the next item says: "Select NAND emulator device: <Disable>"
    It then says to press A to select or Home Button to exit. However, at this point my Wii remote as unsynched itself and so I can't press any buttons. I've tried plugging in a gamecube controller, but that doesn't work either.


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