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Thread: SKYLANDERS USB Portal Help?

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    SKYLANDERS USB Portal Help?

    We just got a Skylanders starter pack with original cd.
    We can't seem to sync the usb portal / receiver receiver with the game (can't get past the plug receiver steps screen)

    Our Wii is soft modded with Neogamma ios249 and Homebrew Channel 1.01 ios36 vv255,255

    I tried to read some of the previous threads here and tried to install the d2x cIOS, but HBC can't seem to detect my USB. am i missing something here?
    Thanks for the Help!
    -wiimod newbie

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    Not sure if it will help but there is one thread that may be of help:
    perhaps try using a different loader as well if that doesnt work out

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    Skylanders guide is now here


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