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Thread: USB GX Loader HELP

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    Us USB GX Loader HELP

    I'm new to using USB loader and a Noob at hacking but know bits of here and there, I've been trying to find some answers to my questions through the forums and hopefully someone can help me out. I want to use USB Loader GX to play Xenoblade only which is the actual game i bought since my wii has given me the

    "An error has occured. press the eject button, remove the game disk, and turn the power off. please read the wii operations manual for further instructions"

    disk error for the second time when reading dual layer disks. I never downloaded GX loader into my wii, my bro updated homebrew this year one day when i wasnt around. An update window camed up when he loaded homebrew and he hit yes and it just installed it there, USB GX loader is version 1.0. Also my wii is from its first release date and still the same one im using to this day and is a NTSC wii. (I dont have a USB GX loader channel on system home page)

    My wii is 4.1U
    homebrew 1.0.8
    cIOS 222rev4 & cios 38rev14
    Gecko OS 1.9.3

    (My friend softmodded using twilight hack)

    USB GX questions

    Xenoblade is a dual layer game, which partioning format would be best so i can copy original disk into my HDD when i load GX loader NTFS or WBFS and will it work on version 1.0?

    (I know theres a latest version of GX loader however i didnt hack my wii my friend did so have a hard time understanding the process of updating GX loader)

    2. Do they both work for GX ver 1.0?

    3. is there any other way to make GX loader 1.0 to work without updating if NTFS or WBFS is not compatiable?

    (I appreciate the time/effort GX team put into making this but i only want to play xenoblade and not plannig on getting any other dual layer disk)

    4. I know a NTFS can hold more than 4g when copying original game disk into HDD but can WBFS do the same or it has a memory limit of 4g like Fat 32?

    5. I recall reading that GX loader needed a define path or something like that (if u can explain in lamend terms i'll appreciate it just to make sure i understand) but since homebrew came from my sd card and i got GX loader when my bro updated homebrew does it already have a defined path or i when i update it i need to set a define path and how?

    6. will a 8g flash drive suffice when copying xenoblade into it or do you recommend a bigger drive?

    7. will GX loader copy xenoblade into HDD or flash drive even if its european version?

    I believe that all the questions i have pertaning to USB GX loader. I know some questions may sound repeatable but needed specific answers to specific question. I hope you guys can understand since i tend to explain the whole story instead of getting to the main point. BIG to those that reply

    (hope i didnt break any rules)

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    Your softmod is waaaay outdated. Follow the softmod any wii guide to update your softmod,
    and you'll be good to go. Start the guide from "softmods with the Homebrew Channel already installed"

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    Thankyou for your help ill look into it when i can. I forgot to add some new info since i did this 3am last night and bought a sd reader today.

    inside homebrew channel when clicked (on top right it says 1.0.8 and IOS61 v19.26
    cIOS 222 Installer v4
    Cios38r14 installer
    Geckos OS 1.9.3
    NeoGamma R8B7
    USB GX Loader v1.0
    WAD Manager
    Priiloader <no description>

    On SD card

    apps folder
    private folder
    wad folder

    I know wii outdatd now but figured ill let u know some info to see if anything changes unlikely though. (If possible GX loader can run the way my wii is without updating it since im not planning on buying anymore games and if yes which partioning format would work best for it and to copy xenoblade into HDD or flash drive) yes im aware of advantages but if i could ru it without going through the guide then good but if i must update ill do it.

    srry for the repetition questions

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    Dude just follow the guide get updated first and foremost. USB loader is awesome. Plays anything I throw at it without fail.

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    followed the guide and it worked, wii is up to date. ty for ur help.

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    Glad it's all sorted.

    As OP's issue is solved, I see no reason to keep the thread open.


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