funny but true story,two days ago i go to bestbuy to get some dvd-r's to burn some games.i find what im looking for i grab them off the shelf and proceed to the counter,i set the dvds on the counter the clerk a snotty chick picks them up and scans them.she utters the words 31.95,i look at her and say im not paying that much it said 15 bucks on the shelf i grabbed them off,so she tells me show me where,so i take her over she looks at the shelf and sighs and walks off not saying anything,and goes back over to the checkout,i walk back over and she rescans the dvds punches some keystrokes into the register and says 16 dollars and sighs,i then say to her tough job huh she glares at me, i say thanks for the dvds and the 14 dollar discount and leave lol,