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Thread: Upgrading modded wii

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    Upgrading modded wii

    I currently have 4.1u and modded using modmii. I messed up my old hacks before and couldnt play any new games because it wouldnt let me update and I couldnt uninstall or anything so I used modmii to put everything I lost back on and update the rest. Its now modded and working perfectly, besides trying to play MW3 online. I see that modmii has an option to upgrade to 4.3 and keep usb loader, priiloader etc. Just wondering if its safe to do that upgrade, and if it will allow me to play MW3 online and still have the other items working. The time I hacked before it seemed like you had to have a downgraded wii to mod it and updating with mods installed might brick it.. that was the impression I was under... so Im a bit iffy about doing this upgrade back to 4.3 so I can play online without bricking and be able to keep a working Usb loader, priiloader, etc??

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    Games aren't reliant on system menu's. Games run off cIOS, not system menu's.
    We have a guide for MW3. A little search will find your answers.


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