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Thread: USB Loader wont load (4.3u)

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    USB Loader wont load (4.3u)

    I have a wii that is version 4.3u and has been mod'd. USB loader GX loaded my HD fine until a couple days ago. Everytime I try loading the program the screen goes black and the whole wii just restarts. I updated the homebrew channel but still have the same problem. Any ideas?

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    I think you have updated your wii from the DVD or online. So now you have the stub files on cIOS249 (and cIOS222 and cIOS223)

    You need to reinstall them.
    It is probably easiest to follow one of the softmodding guides here on the forum
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    Any luck with this? Does the screen go black or do you GX even *try* to start loading, and if so, at what point does it fail? (Initializing USB, reloading cIOS, etc)

    Have you tried any other loaders yet, or tried reloading your cIOS'?


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