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Thread: Swiss v0.2 R94

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    Swiss v0.2 R94

    Swiss, by emu_kidid has been updated version 0.2 revision 94. GameCube games on SD, SDHC cards, and IDE hard drives with the help of a SDGeckos EXI or IDE adapter.

    • Load DOL from SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    • Load GCM/ISO from Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    • Multi-Game DVD-R support (Cobra/GCOS)
    • Multi-Disc support Original Disc/SD/SDHC/DVD-R/HDD
    • Disc Ripping to SD/SDHC/HDD
    • Region free / Video forcing (480p)
    • Full cheat engine for all games (update it via SD/SDHC)

    *HDD features require a IDE-EXI or homemade adapter
    **SD features require a SDGecko or homemade adapter

    Download Swiss v0.2 R94
    Download Wii Swiss Booter v0.3
    Source- gc-forever


    The 0.2 version revision goals:
    Game compatibility (Luigis Mansion, PSO Ep3)
    Removal of the need for a working DVD drive/disc in the drive (to work with the low patches too)
    GUI to undergo progressive clean-up
    Create Qoob modchip flashable BIOS version
    Streamline build process to also build a GCM (per region too)
    Wiikey fusion support!

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    this looks very interesting

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    Does this actually work fine?

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    How does it work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thenube View Post
    How does it work?
    Read this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dniMretsaM View Post
    Read this.
    Thanks! for the help and having pity on the newbs like my self.

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    "Removal of the need for a working DVD drive/disc in the drive (to work with the low patches too)" does this mean we don't need an original gc disc in the drive anymore to boot an iso from the sd gecko ? I tried but did not work, still asking for the dvd in the drive, but maybe i did something wrong ?


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