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Thread: Lines going up screen with HD Cable

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    Lines going up screen with HD Cable

    I bought an HD cable for my Wii since everything I read says it's worth it. I have seen better quality picture on my HDTV. The only problem is faint lines going up the screen. There can be 2 sets of lines at a time about a foot apart. Only actually noticeable on darker areas of the screen. Not a bog problem, but rater annoying.

    Any idea how to fix it?

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    Disregard original post. Problem solved. Cable wasn't fully inserted into TV.

    New Question.....Is there a program for the Wii that I can use to manage stuff on my USB Hard Drive? Not something that runs on a PC (I already have WBFS Manager for that). Something that runs on the Wii that I can use to add or delete backups from the hard drive or a USB Drive.


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