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Thread: Garbled System Files Are Corrupted on Boot, No Mods, Original Wii

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    Garbled System Files Are Corrupted on Boot, No Mods, Original Wii

    By original I mean I was out at 3 am standing in line at Target. I've never done anything but whatever comes through the Wii updates from Nintendo, so I have no idea what system menu or firmware I have other than that this thing is totally vanilla. "Bricked" several months ago and just haven't found time until now...

    So on power on, via Wiimote or Power button Wii boots to black screen with garbled text "The system files are corrupted. Please refer to the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting"

    White message on black screen with parts of the text missing- the text changes, if I leave it for awhile and press A some of the text comes back.

    Otherwise I can't seem to do anything. All SD cards out (only 1 ever used to view photos). +/- A does nothing, holding buttons on boot does nothing. No mods or bootmii or anything ever installed.

    As much as I'd like to save $80 and avoid sending this to Nintendo, I'm more concerned about losing all my Miis... I have nearly 100 with all friends, family and many of my own characters accurately represented... something I'll never bother to reproduce and only about 10 on a Wiimote.

    So first question, being vanilla and early firmware- is there any way to boot/recover at this point?

    Second question, if not, what is the best way to save or backup my Miis at this point?
    Is pulling the harddrive and mounting it really an option?

    Edit: disk drive light flashes once on power on (no disk)
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