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Thread: FLash Drive VS HDD - Blank screen

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    FLash Drive VS HDD - Blank screen

    HI i sucessfully did softmod 3.4 to 4.1

    USB LOADER GX Updated, i manage to run iso games form a FLASHDrive, but when i try to use a Portable Hard Drive 2.5 (COnceptronic 110Gb) it doesnt work.
    I can see the files on the loader the covers...everything, but when i chose to run the game it stops blank....

    any sugestion?

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    Hi Dude What format are you useing on Flash/USB Drive, Do you have SD card or are you running With apps etc on Flash/USB Drive. When you say iso games are they actually ISO images run from NTFS ???? you need to supply more info. What mod have you followed what format.
    If things are playing on Flash duplicate it to USB drive,


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