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Thread: Wiiflow stack dump error on load up

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    Wiiflow stack dump error on load up

    When I turn on wii flow right after it says wiiflow it goes to this error. I have an iomega prestige portable 1tb hdd. It did not say that this model specifically was compatible simply because it wasnt listed however all other prestige portables work. Is this because the hdd is not compatible? how can I fix this.

    the hdd is fat 32 primary with a wbfs folder.
    Also iomega has a virtual cd installed on a hidden locked partition does this have anything to do with it?

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    Thanks for replying i have the latest version it just turns out that the hdd is not compatible. thanks though

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    Are you sure? Cause I think I modded my friends wii with that hard drive. Is it silver and metal with an external power source? I would make sure it is primary and set to active. Also update your cIOS to the latest d2x v7 with the recommended setup.

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    no it is a small black model with no external power supply but i will try download latest cios


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