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Thread: Stuck on the Priiloader screen.

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    Stuck on the Priiloader screen.

    Hey, thanks for takin' your time to read this~

    Anyways, I set the priiloader menu to launch whenever I turn on my wii, so it's the very first thing that boots. And my wii controller lost connectivity to my wii because I used it for another wii. So now I'm stuck on the priiloader screen. My wii controller can't connect to it and I can't move it at all. And I have one of those lame family edition wii's that don't have the GC controller slots. So I'm stuck on what other options to do. :B.

    Thanks in advance~

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    My problem is slightly different than his I think.. (I'm a total rookie, correct me if wrong)

    When he turns on his wii, it brings him to the "usb loader gx" or he could hold reset to enter the priiloader. He fixed that by replacing usb loader gx dol with the system menu dol, so he could enter the system menu and resync his wiimotes.

    For my wii, it only enters straight into the priiloader. I don't know if there's a way to somehow make it boot to a different menu.

    Thanks again.

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    Once you boot into Priiloader, hold reset until the system menu shows up. Then sync your remotes. The Wii will only boot and return (Home button -> Wii Menu -> Yes) the options in Priiloader, resetting always sends you to the SM.

    You might also be able force-clear all the synced remotes (hold the sync button on the console) and then re-sync them (press the sync button on the console, then the one on the remote) while still on the Priiloader screen. But that may not work if you are using a newer remote. Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo made Wiis without GC controller support to make life harder on homebrewers.
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