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Thread: Wad Game Conversion Help Needed

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    Wad Game Conversion Help Needed

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a old school game I played as a kid and dumped $100's in quarters back in the day. I did find that there is a WAD in PAL for the game. The Game is Skate or Die. Also after doing some searches I found that it's not offered for the US region. Is there any way to convert to US region? I would really like to play the game.

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    here try this out FCE Ultra GX - WiiBrew and theres this DO NOT POST LINKS TO ROMS! and i am sure theres a guide in the forum somewere on this site good luck
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    Thank you for your fast reply. The game already has a WAD and not a NES game that I know of. It is stake or die not ski or die.

    Any way to simply change the region to play on US wii?


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