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Thread: Need the name of these srews.

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    Need the name of these srews.

    I need the name of these screws marked with some red circles in this picture:

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    Im pretty sure these are Tri-wing screws, cant see the image clear enough though to make sure =/

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    Image is not large enough, however if i believe correctly there are three types screws on a Wii, maybe only two

    Then there is the phillips shown below, and i think there is very few of the Torx screws, not sure though. However, to dissasemble your wii for most cases you only need triwing and phillips
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    look like torx screws to me

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    The one in the middle on the right side looks like a Torqx screw, but I think it may just be the light and image size.

    I've taken my Wii apart enough times to know for sure that those screws are short Phillips head screws, maybe about a 1/4" long. Not sure on the thread spacing, though... ;-)

    At least they're Phillips in my Wii. The only place that I have the tri-wing screws is in the outer plastic case, and the metal drive enclosure that you have to remove prior to having access to the screws in question.

    Do you need to get some new ones? Did you lose them?


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