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Thread: BabyDaddy says hello

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    BabyDaddy says hello

    Hello WiiHacks!

    I'm a long-time Wii player who just recently took the plunge into Wii modding. The fact that it's taken me this long is a miracle, considering my track record (I mod everything that I possibly can, and used to be big into Quake 3 mapping and third party apps).

    It's been a while since I could use my Wii -- it's been consigned to a Netflix device for about a year following a disc drive failure. Eventually I managed to find the time and gumption to crack that sucker open and take it apart right down to the board (which required a Dremel tool for one or two stubborn screws). What I found was shocking! A plastic glow-in-the-dark star, a wheel and axle from a toy car (the small Mattel style) and the rubber tire to boot. Upon tearing to back apart again, I found the last piece, a plastic gem, that was lodged in the Wii preventing the discs from loading. Got my Wii working like a champ again, and all is good, with one minorish exception....

    ...with parts like that found inside a Wii, it's pretty obvious that I have kids. With kids, comes fingers, mishandling, and a general lack of respect for the fragility of discs. It's been ages since I could play Mario Kart, Wii Sports is a lost cause, and so on. I've also had a number of discs scratched from using the Wii in a standing position (which I will never do again). So here we are, a dilemma, indeed. What to do, what to do.

    I have a friend who installed the USB mod via the LifeHacker tutorial. It worked flawlessly for him. No issues at all. All of his games work, life is good. Well, that was it, I was convinced. So I decided to jump into the Wii hacking scene feet first. I really just wanted to be able to play Mario Kart (a matter which we will get into shortly) again, and keep my other games safe and secure. I own all my games, no pirating, nothing illegal. Just trying to circumvent the *horrible*, although financially sound, business decision that is optical media.

    It wasn't until I was having issues that I even stumbled upon this site. I sure wish I'd known about it *before* I started modding. You'll notice that the tut doesn't even mention a NAND backup.... doh!

    At any rate, expect to hear more from me in the future. It's great to be here and thanks for all the hard work that you all do.
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    Read the rules, no outside links.

    and welcome to

    Thank you for becoming a member of the best wii modding site around!

    First off you need to read the
    Site rules and try your best to abide by them.

    Now we know the rules its time to find the right guide for modding your wii, I recommend the

    The Softmod Any Wii Guide by Mauifrog

    This guide works for all wii's

    And Bluphant's noobs guide - Basic introduction to wii hacking

    There are also other guides which you can find in the
    Guides and tutorials section

    Once you have completed the guide you need to ascertain if your wii is capable of playing backups via the disc drive or whether you need to be usb loading.

    Wii's post 2009 generally cannot play backups via the disc drive and have to use usb loading.

    I recommend usb loading anyway as you can add an remove your games easily and there is no wear and tear on your disc drive and no messing about with discs etc.

    What you will need to know -

    What drives are compatible -
    Usb Compatibility list

    How to set your drive up -
    Loading and Playing Wii Backup Games from USB HDD

    Once your HDD is setup and ready to go, you will need a program to manage your games!
    Checkout Peire's
    Wii Game Manager Guide

    Now your set up and ready to go, but you run in to a problem with one of your game backups -

    Bmarlo's Ultimate List of problematic games and the solutions

    Peire's Ultimate guide to music and dance games

    Now if you're a modchip user you need to get over to the
    Modchip Section

    Wiihacks also has an IRC chat room so you can get live help and assistance from staff and other

    members -
    IRC welcome and rules

    Other useful guides -

    Ultimate Wiihacks index

    Wiihacks guides - The Authors Index

    Multi Mod Manager guide

    Check out our resident site artist Peire's GFX Shop
    And his
    Free Signature Give Away!

    Finally if Wiihacks have helped you in any way you can help us keep helping by donating to keep us going!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pob3008 View Post
    Read the rules, no outside links.
    Sorry about that, link removed.


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