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Thread: Where can i find the cheapest Nintendo DS Lite?

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    Where can i find the cheapest Nintendo DS Lite?

    I want to get a really cheap ds.

    Almost all my freinds have a ds.

    I really need one for the summer.

    Put the place then the price
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    gamestop used $100 but check
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    I am not sure about where you buy one from as i am in the uk. But you need to get one of those m3 ds simply cards with a micro sd card and then download every single ds game ot there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    try !!!

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    it depends...

    you can get it all different colors...

    slim version...

    bundle....with games

    but if you just looking to get the DS lite...nothing else...definitely under 100 bucks.

    check out

    ask them there, if you can't find any by searching

    good luck


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