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Thread: HELP!! Please!

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    HELP!! Please!

    Hi! I got a Wii for Christmas (a second hand one and my first) My son loves the Mariokart.
    I was concerned about discs being damaged and looked into how to back up. Saw and tried to follow this How to Back Up and Play Your Wii Games from an External Hard Drive.
    I should have got here first and read about NOT RUSHING. Anyway, somewhere along the line I have done something wrong. I haven't got the USB hard drive installed properly and Mariokart won't play anymore!! Wii sports and Wii fit are OK!
    I tried updating online to get ERROR 32024!
    I have tried to get System info but it doesn't work. Failed to get the stored TMD for IOS36

    PLEASE, what should I try now????
    Many thanks!

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    Removed the link as it is against site rues. Go and follow the soft mod any wii guide in my sig

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    OOpss, sorry about that!

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    Phew, going again. IOS36 reinstalled using DOPMii!
    Thanks for your help and guides!



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