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Thread: region change and usbloader issues - help please :)

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    Unhappy region change and usbloader issues - help please :)

    Hiya everyone, I have a few questions about the region changer please

    I have modded several wii consoles before and have always done so via mauifrog's guide, however this Christmas I modded a wii for my boyfriend. He lives in the US whereas I'm in the UK so I got a UK wii, softmodded it and tested, all working fine. During the mod, I used the region change option. This was the first time I've used it, but have run into a few errors now.

    I ran the region change as per the guide, and set everything to NTSC/US so that he could run it in the US with no problems. My tv supports ntsc so that wasn't an issue and the mod installed perfectly fine.

    This might seem like a bit of a thick question, but since doing the mod and shipping the wii console to him for Christmas, he can no longer play the two PAL games I included in the package (these came with the wii when I bought it so I thought I'd toss them in just in case) The wii is saying that it "cannot read disc". Am I to assume that this is simply because of the region change and that if he was to go to a store and buy a NTSC game, it would run perfectly fine, or is there another compatibility issue because the wii was running 4.3e when I ran the softmod?

    I've heard of some issues people have been having where they use any-region-change and it has given disc read errors because the homescreen is a different region to the game region?

    Also, I included a 16gb usb stick for him with a few games on there so that he'd have something to play. These were downloaded as .iso files, and added to the USB with WBFS manager - When I tested the wii before sending, the games loaded without issue, however now that he has it in the US, only Skyward Sword is working.  I'm now scratching my head because I don't see why it's not working? I use USBLoaderGX as opposed to CFGusb and have never had any problems with the games that he is having difficulty with.

    I'm loathed to ask him to go in and check the IOS settings and altdol settings for the games as I know he'd do something silly and mess it up, so would it be easier to get him to reformat the stick and load the games back on via wbfs? He'll be getting a harddrive for them soon, but I still want him to be able to play it until then.
    I'm a bit stuck on what to do as I'm 5000 miles away and can't get to the US again until Easter break. He's never modded anything in his life and isn't the most technically minded person on the planet, so I really want to avoid anything that requires him going into bootmii/priiloader settings

    Any advice would be great please!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    These were downloaded as .iso files, and added to the USB with WBFS manager
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