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Thread: MY 4.3u changed to 4.1u

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    MY 4.3u changed to 4.1u

    I have a new Wii 4.3u (black) for christmas. I just put homebrew and bootmii on it along with letterbomb. When I was done loading everything, my 4.3u changed to 4.1u : is that supposed to happen and if so will it change my system at all? I ask because I am not able to play my backup dvd discs on this Wii. I am in the process of getting a usb loader (from off the list of loaders). Is there a way for me to be able to play my dvd backups.

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    If u read the guide properly u would know that it is normal to be on 4.1 afterwards. If it is a new black wii u will not be able to play back up discs the wii is incapable

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    Thank you for the info. I guess it's better to do the hard drive thing anyway. No more discs...............I have over 1000 Wii games (Discs) and over 8000 DVD discs (movies and shows) These will take up a lot of space./.


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