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Thread: lost power after verifying sums and before WAD installed. help

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    Us lost power after verifying sums and before WAD installed. help

    i'm follwing the Softmod any wii tutorial and completed all steps through verifying the sums. before i had a chance to load the WADs i lost power. I can start my wee w/o the SD card in it, fire up home brew channel, and get the home brew menu. When I go to launch the Bootmi Mulit-mod Manager, it goes to a black screen that says it is loading it, but then just freezes.
    I'm at a loss of what to do next. I've tried shutting the Wii down and starting back up again, but get the same results.
    What can I do to get the MMM loaded so I can load the WADs and continue the process?
    PLease help.

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    the sums are verified on the pc and the wads are installed on the wii. Did you lose power while installing wads? If so, then things are grim. I would start with getting the files again and checking them, then put them back on the card and see what your wii does.

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