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Thread: uncharted 3 bundle PS3 4.00

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    uncharted 3 bundle PS3 4.00

    hey guy's,

    so i got the ps3 uncharted 3 package with 4.00 firmware..

    i been youtube hunting and google searching for the last 3 days..

    trying to get a PS3UPDAT.PUP that's compatible. to jailbreak or downgrade the ps3 to back up the games i have and use the harddrive more like my wii..

    does anyone have a legit way of doing this? or links without 40 minutes of surveys like i have been doing.. my cellphone is full of text from this as well..

    i have my wii fully modded, ps2 with boot loader(hd loader disc).. whats a normal eta on a jailbreak?

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    you will looking a long time, far as I know, there is no downgrade for new PS3


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