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Thread: MW3 fat32 issue

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    MW3 fat32 issue

    guys need serious help for a friend

    running 4.3e, cfg v70b2, bootmi in as ios only, priiloader v0.4 (r78)

    he has mw3 NSTC on a fat32 250gb hdd, but has a PAL wii, he brought a copy off the net and didn't realise it was USA version,

    was originally modded using sofmod any wii guide, by mauifrog,

    ok so he tried to play MW3 on multi player, it asked for update to be able to play on-line, he said ok..... (priiloader should have blocked this) as its set to do so.

    but ever since then he keeps getting dsi error and the wii keeps crashing all the time in cfg
    apart from when you boot into normal system menu, (was using auto boot in priloader to go straight into hdd)
    if you take the sd card out and then place back in again sometimes the ames on hdd will work sometimes not,

    i've read the MW3 guide on here and what it says about the update, and it needs IOS250 [57] (rev 21006, Info: d2x-v6)
    which he already has, as the game works on single player mode, and i installed all 247,248,249,250 d2x ios a few weeks ago for him,

    did the different region nsic game do something to his pal wii?? why the dsi errors all the time??
    looking at the guide it says about Fix for those that can't download the COD:MW3 patch due to wrong region! but doesnt explain if it would casue a major problem if the the update is applied, although i dont see how it could have been as priiloader should have blocked it....
    3.4e, v21d2x6, Priiloader-0.3b, Usb-configurable v73c, 2tb-WD Elements HDD Fat32

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    This game has it's own thread/guide....go find it.

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