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Thread: So I decided to plug in my Wii again!

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    So I decided to plug in my Wii again!

    Hi all,

    After more then a year i decided to start playin on my Wii again.
    I've hacked it a few years ago but I have a few questions.
    I used to burn my backups and play them with backuplauncher. Theres still a HBC 1,0,6 ios36 v4,18. My wii has 4,1E.
    So I was ok doin it that way.
    I want to load normal movie dvds and load backups from usb harddisk.
    Can i just redo the latest softmod (described here
    Or do i have to undo my previous modifications?

    ty all for helpin

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    Just follow the giude and I think you should be fine.
    Wii System Menu X(4.1u)-CFG USBLoader 7.0, D2X cIOS Pack

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    I did and it all worked perfect!

    As the title said ANY WII so i guess my wii is also any wii lol



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