Hello people of WiiHacks.com!

I came here for one reason at first. To hack my Wii console.
After browsing through and reading several tutorials I recognized how much information this website has. Not only that I also saw active participation from many users. I thought this was a great forum. I used to be into modding and unlocking systems but the websites I used to visit have died down.

As I stated before I am interested in unlocking my Wii. I received my Wii as a Christmas gift very recently. It remains unopened. I thought I'd sell it to get a Kinect instead but it was a gift from very important people so I decided to keep it. I'm very interested with the potential of technology and I want to go beyond what I currently can do with my Wii.

I will try to ask questions when needed and an advanced thank you for those who will help me in the future. But for now I will spend a week outdoors and will check back on the forum again next week!

Hopefully you enjoyed reading my introduction! Thank you for your time!