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Thread: I have a few question regarding better emulators

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    I have a few question regarding better emulators

    Hey guys, first off great forum! very helpful! This is my first post and I'm hoping to get some genius advice

    I currently have a hacked wii, and I have a few of the emulators such as the wii64 (awful) and snes9GX, which is very good!

    My questions are as follows:

    1. Is there any other SNES/NES emulators? I have a friend with a hacked psp and he is able to 'rewind' the game at any point for example, once he dies. Yes, save states are nice! but being able to rewind when i missed the mushroom in mario by a few steps would be nice then having to go through menus.

    2. Any good N64 emulators? The wii64 seems to lag quite a bit!

    3. Any other suggestions? cool things? good reliable site for roms? perhaps a good data base for other emulators?

    4. to clarify, PC emulators can -not- be loaded onto homebrew... yes?

    thanks in advance for any help! Please feel free to ask questions regarding anything really!



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    1. Take a look HERE.
    2. Not that I know of.
    3. See post #1 regarding the database you are in search of. As far as roms you are on your own per site rules.
    4. See post #1.

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    I guess that answers my questions. I know most of those are already in the homebrew browser. I thought there would be more 'variety' so to speak!


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    what emulator is your friend running?


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