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Thread: Skylander is not reading player 2 numchuck. Why not?

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    Question Skylander is not reading player 2 numchuck. Why not?

    I have a wode that is connected with 2 usb into the back of the wii, the thumb drive holds the games in the wode.
    I now have skylander so I changed it....
    I put a 10 port hub into the back of the wii and the 2 usb and the skylander dongle into the port hub. It is working fine for player 1 only, it will not read player 2 numchuck. It reads both players in the game but then states for player 2 to connect the numchuck.
    Any suggestions on how to get player 2 to work.

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    Does the nunchuck work with other games?

    Because I've never heard of a problem like this.


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