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Thread: IOS Reload Block error (Just Dance 3)

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    IOS Reload Block error (Just Dance 3)

    I spent hours searching the forum trying to find help for this but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for/anything that worked. If this is the wrong place to post this or I missed a topic somewhere (I swear I used the forum search!) I'm really sorry...

    So I'm trying to play Just Dance 3 backed up onto a dvd-r. I used TDX (which i know causes problems and could possibly be the reason for mine?) because I had it on hand and because it was before I knew that other brands work better. Every time I try to load the game with NeoGamma (R9 Beta53), it says "IOS requested is: IOS = 53....IOS reload block error. The game continues to load but is in Black & White and all the titles/headings say Invalid Text. Yet when actually doing a dance, the lyrics show perfectly fine. I downloaded the cIOS wad from ShadowSonic, but is the problem still the IOS? If so, how can I fix that?

    I'm using a Japanese wii and Japanese TDX dvd-r discs (I'm in Japan)
    Here is my syscheck:


    any help would be appreciated! I need some exercise this winter!
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