A while back I hacked my wii. I no longer have the sd card files and have since formatted my wii. I can open priiloader, but this is what it reads in each catagory there...

HBC says: 'Error auto booting HBC, maybe title note installed?'

BooMii IOS says: "Could not mount SD card."

Launch title give me a list of everything I see in the main menu when I boot normally.

Installed File says: "Error auto booting file, try reinstalling!'\"

Load/Install File says: "No FAT device found."

System Meny Hacks says: "Faild to mount FAT device."

My wii used to be a 4.3 and is now a 4.1u

I cant do any updates, I get error 32004... I just want to get rid of all hacks on my wii, get rid of priiloader, so I can update my wii back to a 4.3