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Thread: USB loader worked at first, now it freezes

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    USB loader worked at first, now it freezes

    I successfully ran some of the USB loader programs (Neogamma and CFG) with Brawl under WBFS format. But today, I tried running Skyward Sword and another game, but neither of them worked on either USB loader. They just freeze once it tries to mount the USB drive. I tried running Pimp My Wii to update the IOS's but it didn't help. It's a good old (white) Wii. What should I do? Should I go through the installation process for the USB loader all over again? Also, I've heard that FAT32 is now preferred for USB loaders but when I try and move the ISO onto the drive, my computer says it's too large of a file. What should I do to make the USB loader work?

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    Don't use brickmywii. Follow the softmod any Wii guide. If would have made an intro post, you would know.


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