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Thread: need some help

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    need some help

    i have a new wii 4.3 that is out of the box i am trying to mod it i am going with (softmod any wii guide) but when i use the letterbomb and it lets me install hbc and bootmii as ios so i did that and then moved to step 3 and it tell me to go to hbc and hit home and load bootmii when i do that i get a black screen and then i was asked if step one had a error if so do no vulnerable ios but i didnt get any errors on step 1 so i went to look at that the steps for that and it wants to Reload another ios with patches and i run a syscheck and there was no ios with patch and then i wants to unstall ios58 i have read thing not to do on a softmod and unstall ios was one thang so can i get some help on what to do thanks alot

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    Do u have the bootmii file/folder on the sd card?

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    yes when i Prepare the SD-card it put a bootmii folder ans a instsller text document

    when u use the letterbomb do u just use the files from the letterbomb do the backup nand and then put the other files on if so then that is what i did wrong
    i put all the files on the sd card,
    and all the others with the letterbomb
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