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Thread: USB ports on back of wii

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    USB ports on back of wii

    first merry Christmas, I soft modded my Wii a while back and have been using the USB loader w/o any issues for a while. My kid got all hyped up about this new game skylanders so guess what he got for Christmas? Anyway it comes with a USB wireless receiver that I connected to the back of the Wii on top of the USB hdd. I ripped the game into the loader and when I try to play it doesn't detect the USB receiver. I removed the HDD and connected the USB receiver to the USB port where the HDD was and played off the disc and it works fine. Is there a way to get the top USB port to work? Oh yeah I tried connecting a USB hub I have but that didn't work either. Or get something that will make it work? Any response would be appreciated.

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    Usually by selecting ios 222 or 223 gets around that. u can select it in the options of the loader.

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    Just went through this last night. Hdd in lower port, sl dongle in upper port. Cios d2x v7 base 56 in slot 249. Usb loader gx v2.3. Works like a charm.

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    Skylanders usb problem

    I and the same problem this morning when i try to connect the portal for my Son to play, after some attempts i found the solution.
    Insert the original disc on Wii, need Neogamma to run, start as DVD, the game will start normaly but will stuck wit the informantion that asking to plug in the usb receiver.

    Just it reset button and the game will start again and you will be able to play.



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