I got my 3DS and the colour is aqua blue its not that bad of a colour either.. so switched it on and had a look at what firmware it was on and it was on 1.1.0 i think and i didnt have the eshop so i updated the firmware to 3.0.0-6 got on the estore to have a brows got the zelda game for free and the pokadex for free i thought wy not its free lol, got a game with the 3ds called super mario 3D land only had a little go for now to test the 3d effect was a bit strange at first lol but its ok.. tested my super card ds2 in it and that works fine so all is good i like the charger for the 3ds as well were you just sit it in the stand for it to charge and i like the styles better than the others so at the minuet im liking the 3ds

so gave my girlfriend my old DSI and got her the r4i 3ds card for it and a sd card for the side of the dsi for music etc i got a 2gb sd card with my 3ds so thats good

so anyway that was a nice christmas prezzy lol