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Thread: new wii remote loses sync as soon as i launch the usb loader

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    new wii remote loses sync as soon as i launch the usb loader

    got my son a new wii remote with the built in wii motion plus

    it syncs ok can play around the main menu fine but as soon as we launch the usb loader it turns off and cannot be turned on again (disk drive died so we have to use usb loader)

    all other remotes work fine this is the only one with the buit in motion plus thru we have one with the detachable motion plus that works fine

    any ideas here my son really wants to use the remote!!

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    Unlucky,Contact148, It seems The Big N have done something to new Wiimotes they don't like modded wii's.
    I hope this saves you from frustration.

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    There is no fix for this at the moment that i am aware of. sorry to be the bearer of bad news

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    well i did find the other thread about this issiue and by useing another remote to launch the usb loader picking the game THEN turning on the new remote it works. my son is 8 and can understand and do that so im ok for now lets hope a fix is out sooner or later!

    thanks guys


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