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Thread: Quick queston about updates and hardware mode from 2007

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    Quick queston about updates and hardware mode from 2007

    First please forgive the n00b question. I concentrated a lot on learning what I needed about modding my wii four and half years ago, did so successfully soldering in chip, but like a lot of busy dads I have forgotten it all.

    My question is pretty basic: Am I ok with nintendo's pushed updates over the net? I recall making sure not to update from a burned disk or out of region disk.

    Yes I have forgotten exactly which chip I bought, but I am 99% sure it was a wiikey, and from my paypal records it was purchased for $39.90 in June of 07.

    we do not play out of region disks. 60% of what we play are originals and 40% are burned copies of US disks.

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    ok, to answer my own question I updated wii online and have no problems with either current or old retail or current or new burned. hardware and firmware is wiikey from mid 2007


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