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Thread: Wii 4.2 soft mod working but no covers

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    Wii 4.2 soft mod working but no covers

    I soft mod my wii and all my back ups work well but I have tried every program I can think of to download game covers onto my external hd that is fat 32 formatted and I just cant figure it out.I have used wiibackupmanager,wbfssync and nothing seems to work.
    Can someone explain an off line way to get game covers on the harddrive

    Thank you

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    wii backup manager, should work. not sure how exactly you are having problems with it. be more specific?

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    What loader are you using?
    More details please,
    Wii Backup manager should do the trick.

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    wait a second, he said 'offline' way to get covers. you HAVE to be connected to the internet to download them - whether through a usb program like wiibackupmanager, through the wii, or manually from wiitdb. where else you gonna get them from?

    of course, if you have a scanner, you could always scan your own. ^_^

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    I used,"softmod any wii" from the forums here.Installed Mod Pack
    Install Priiloader
    Format the hd to FAT32,called drive w and all games are wbfs on root of hdd

    Dont have wii setup for internet

    Everytime I use wiibackup manager.It shows my back up games and shows me covers but when I click on covers after connecting hd to usb on computer it just gives me a beep and does nothing.I am truly lost on this one
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    1. If I remember correctly, the beep means that the downloads completed.

    2. did you check the 'download' tab after you click the 'download missing covers' button? however, if you don't have very many games covers to download and your internet is fast enough, you might not even see anything downloaded because it went by so fast that you just missed it.

    3. did you check on your wii usb hdd in one of the folders for a 'covers' folder to see if it contained anything?

    3b. check the wiibackupmanager settings, you can pick the location where it downloads them to. so confirm that.

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    Copy and paste covers to SD card in covers and works great

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    Would like to show you however I can't upload images to server.

    Look in your settings it is all there. Set your covver base folder to your Wii drive.
    Download covers in the menu of the game list. All should be fine.


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    I have "USBloaderCFG" can I put the covers on my external HD???? That would save some space on my SD-card.... But I don't get the part "download covers in the menu of the game list" How would I do that???

    Yeahhh.... I got it working!

    I'll try to explain in english....

    When I started USB downloader CFG and then turned on my harddisk it showed the "empty" dvd boxes on my screen. (? no image)
    Then I pressed the "B" botton (on the underside of the Wii-controller)
    Then I pressed the "1" button (options)
    Then I pressed the "1" button agian (more options)
    And then I went down with the "arow" button (left, right, up, down button) to the line that says somethink like "download all missing covers"
    Then it automaticly start downloading all covers.
    Just wait untill it is finish and you are done ("B" button to go back)

    I hope it's clear like this!
    I do have the Wii conected to internet and a SD-card in the Wii (don't know if a SD-card is needed to do this)

    Thanks everyone for your help!
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    I didint use USBLOADer Gx cozi dont know about it but in my wii Usbloader GX wouldnt work so i uses Wiiflow
    It works fine for me as well as it is easy to download covers in Wii flow.
    I usually downlaod covers to differentiate between different Games!
    I suggest you to use Wiiflow

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