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Thread: Connecting softmodded Wii to a home network?

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    Connecting softmodded Wii to a home network?

    Is it possible to connect a softmodded Wii to a PC via a wired netword, specifically for the purpose of connecting to a HDD source for playing archived game images? I suppose this is possible, but I haven't the slightest idea how I would go about it. I can't find any tutorial specifically devoted to this topic. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    I would aso be interested in having general internet access via the network on the Wii as well, and I suppose that would come at the same time I connectd to my network, yes?

    Thanks for any help, even relevant links will be appreciated.

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    Quick answer Yes, long answer no with what your asking.

    You need a usb hdd physically plugged into the wii if your wanting to play games using a loader.
    You can use wiimc to watch movies, photos and music over a lan using a windows share on a pc, but you will be limited to specific file types and resolutions.
    You can connect your wii to the internet and use the internet browser and youtbe, but you will find this is extremely limited, even less than a mobile phone (make sure you disable updates within priiloader), so your wii wont update the system by itself.

    As to what sort of access your going to have on the wii, overall its limited to internet (very limited with the browser) and network shares using apps like wiimc, but forget trying to stream your games over the lan it aint gonna happen

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    Oh ok, bummer about not being able to stream games over the LAN though! What is the limitation on that? Is it a bandwidth thing or a USB host limitation thing? The movies I could live without, I already have a video LAN setup, but I thought the net on Wii would be neat - email & news between sets of Zelda, heh.

    I did disable updates with Priiloader. Speaking of which, where is there more detailed info on accesing and using Priiloader? I have never seen it since the original softmod, but I hear people talikg about it, using it for all sorts of other things. I don't even know how to acces it again?

    And, how does one go about setting up access to a LAN/net connecion, anyway?


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