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Thread: Wii Backup Manager & ISO File Size

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    Wii Backup Manager & ISO File Size

    Having a weird problem.

    Got my first backups successfully. When I look at Windows Explorer the file reads properly as 4.37 GB (actually each backup reads as that size). However, when I add the files to Wii Backup Manager, it shows their file size as 450MB or so (eg Wii Sports shows as 450 MB and Jillian Michaels fitness shows as 2.77 GB despite them both showing in Windows explorer as 4.37 GB).

    Any ideas?

    EDIT - checked the WBM and in the log it shows no errors.

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    all ISO will be 4.37GB. When it gets transfered to the hdd as a wbfs file, that is just the game, minus the 'garbage' on the disc

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    Thanks Brian!

    I had read previously at 'scrubbed' files but didnt realize that WBM took care of that! Very much appreciated!


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