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Thread: Help! Just want to play skyward sword with motion plus

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    Help! Just want to play skyward sword with motion plus

    I put the homebrew channel on my wii some years ago, but never really ended up taking advantage of it. its been some time, and i have just bought skyward sword with a motion plus controller. It says i need the system update in order for me to play the game. My question to anyone who is willing to help out is if i install this update, will it brick my wii. In addition, if I avoid the update, can i still use the motion plus controller? I dont care if i lose homebrew or any mods that are on there, just as long as I can play SS with the motion plus controls. Im a noob at this so im hoping someone can please help me out. Thnx!

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    You could just follow the softmod any wii guide, and you wii will no longer demand for an update.

    You might also take a look at the update all your ios's guide, and follow that however if you haven't used it in a couple of years, it would be benificial to run the softmod any wii guide.

    Another way to advance would be to remove the homebrew and everything about it; however it is a dangerous process.
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    Sorry but could you clarify this a bit for me? What do u mean when u say i could follow the softmod any wii guide?

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    If all you did was put the homebrew channel on there and ran apps then you are not really modded anyhow. Accepting an update will not brick you. We always recommend AGAINST accepting updates from nintendo because they are not needed. There are other ways to make the wii run just fine. Updates are just to kill homebrew and mods since 4.1. The softmod any wii guide that link mentioned is the "other' way. There is a link in my signature to that guide, or you can just accept the update from the evil N.


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