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Thread: From non-softmodded wii 4.3u to playing .iso's and backups

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    From non-softmodded wii 4.3u to playing .iso's and backups

    Could someone link to me a very informative and up to date tutorial on how to make this stuff happen?

    I'm working with a Mac.
    Wii 4.3u
    2 gb SD card
    8 GB USB flash drive

    I want to back-up games that I have for faster replay, and be able to play .iso's.


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    The only way to play backup games would be to softmod your wii which can be found here >>>>>> Softmod ANY Wii

    READ IT TWO or THREE TIME'S so you no what your doing

    Most important part is to Make A NAND Backup just incase
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    You have not made the introduction post that we ask new users to do. When you do that you will be given a bunch of information to get you going.

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    thread closed, wrong section, has nothing to do with Site Business


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