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Thread: still trouble with forwarder

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    still trouble with forwarder

    Ok guys ive been having trouble with the wiiflow forwarder, i installed carbonik forwarder through wad manger v1.7 using ios 249. my wiiflow filepath is as follows.....SD:/apps/wiiflow/boot.dol. up on loading the forwarder i click start it says loading, then the screen goes black and wii freezes. (i have to reboot at this point). when i did the softmod on my wil version 4.3u (it says 4.1 now?)..i used the hack any wii guide through this forum and wiiflow was already there so i loaded i need to reload wiiflow version 222 or 249 ?...or could it be i need to download ios 35 ? (if so what is a nus downloader and where can i find it?)
    ok guys i really appreciate any help u guys can give and i hope i explained it well and provided enough info for you to go on.

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    You could try using the latest version and one of the forwarders in the wiiflow guide.


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