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Thread: Some questions about the (WiiKey2 + v14 Wii-Clip)

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    Us Some questions about the (WiiKey2 + v14 Wii-Clip)

    well, this Christmas i got a Wii. and just like everything else I get i felt the need to hack it right away.

    so im going to order the (Wiikey2 + V14 Wii-Clip Pre-soldered) from ModchipCentral. its going to run mt about $63.00 + shipping, so im estimating around $70.

    However! before i order I was wondering a few things :

    1.) I have Firmware Ver. 3.3u. what exactly are the benefits of downgrading to 3.2u?

    2.) I (according to some website) have a D2C Chipset and apparently it isn't clipped. will i have any problems with the wii-clip.

    3.) what is the rate of backup playing for a chipped wii? ive heard 90% , 99% , 87% etc.. it there any fairly official rate?

    4.) Is Modchipcentral reliable? good rates? fast shipping? good support?

    5.) BIG QUESTION : Hardmod vs. Softmod? ive heard that mainly the hardmodded consoles have a MUCH less chance to brick, (unless you solder wrong, break points etc.)

    6.) if I hardmod, will it be nessecary for me to softmod as well? will it increase backup playability rate?

    7.) Will i be able to plug and go? (put in the chip, close it up, and immediately play backups?

    ok, i think that's about it. thanks for all answers!!

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    need help guys! where is everyone?????

    *sorry if bumping isnt allowed*
    My Wii Specs :
    Chip : WiiKey2 & Wii-Clip v14
    FW : 3.3u Official
    HBC? : No
    TH : No

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geekgod4 View Post

    need help guys! where is everyone?????

    *sorry if bumping isnt allowed*
    Hello my friend,

    Well at firstlyit is a good choice to use wiikey2 with clip 14 except if you have problems to stabilize it.It isn't hard at all and you can do it easily yourself.

    1)If you downgrade you can use more softwares in your wii and more stable but if you want just to play your backups and not to surf in the internet or watch dvd movies then hardmod is aequate

    2)No problem just tell them that in order to solder correctly the clip with wiikey2

    3)What do you mean?Wiikey2 is supposed to play all your backups 100% and about 70% of other region backups

    4)It is supposed to be fine there are other sites you can check and compare prices also

    5)I support hardmod because as being a student in electronic engineering,the only possibility to brick it is by loading dangerous software or soldering wrong leg in the ic unit but by the time you order clip there is no such issue the only thing could happen is just not the wiikey2 working a bit impossible if have primarily checked

    6)I answered that above in some point

    7)yes but the first should be an original game of your region

    If i helped you could thank me

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    starfall, blocking updates, brick provention, installing wads, more stable
    its 100% based off the game, 90 japan, 50 pal *on a just working without patch basis*
    yes, but canada mods, and modchip depot are good
    softmod works poorly, and is a lot more work, and many games dont work, lots of side stuff its worth the money to avoid and get more
    homebrew no, but it can help a bit, like not updating and such
    Yes, but use DVD -R recomended verbatim

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