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Thread: Arrgggh! Nothing works.

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    Arrgggh! Nothing works.

    I had a friend soft mod my wii and it will play games off his hard drive.
    I have tried 2 hard drives and 3 thumb drives and I can't get any of them to work.
    Using WBFS manager to transfer the files to the drive and USB Loader GX on the Wii.
    Hard Drive 1 is an Seagate GoFlex 3.0usb with an external power source. Games transfer to it fine but when you select it on the Wii it just goes black.
    Hard Drive 2 is an Ultra Speed portable and it causes the Wii to freeze when you select the game. Once it even made the remote vibrate. I think this is the drive that also brought up the error message that said something about DSI exception a few times I tried.
    Thumb drive 1 is a PC (president choice/no name brand) 4gb. I put the smallest game on it and it brought up a black screen too.
    Thumb drive 2 is a 8gb DataTraveler and if I remember correctly WBFS mamager doesn't like it and gives me errors.
    Oh and there was a 3rd thumbdrive, 8gb that when plugged into the Wii the Wii won't load at all.

    It's frustrating because everything I read says it's an issue with the files on the SD card yet it works for my friends HD at his house so I'm reluctant to just experiment with files. And I really don't want to buy anymore Hard Drives.

    So now I originally bought the Seagate GoFlex with the idea of using it with the Wii so it would be my first choice to work. My friend thinks it's a 3.0 compatibility issue. I read stuff about CIOS that needs to be downloaded/updated but nothing says what exactly is needed, what version and such.
    If 3.0 Usb is beyond reach right now is there anything that can be done with the Ultra Speed?

    Ideally I would just like a list of what should be on the SD card for this crap to work so I can compare what I have.

    And if all else fails, with after xmas sales starting, what is a guaranteed 8gb flash drive brand (not going to spend $$ on another HD, I'll just move things over when I'm done a game) that will work (and what do I need to have to make sure it works).

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    The Wii doesnt like the 3.0

    Did you use any guides for the hard drive setup? Here

    Make your new partition PRIMARY and ACTIVE"
    DriveKey & 4.2U Softmod w/2TB Simpletech HD (500MB Fat32 & 1.5TB NTFS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nealhenry View Post
    The Wii doesnt like the 3.0

    Did you use any guides for the hard drive setup? Here

    Make your new partition PRIMARY and ACTIVE"
    I agree that could cause problems not having it set as primary and active

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    I have a Seagate flex usb 3.0 and it works fine. Follow the fat32 guide in the spoiler below.

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